Tell us about
Hòa Bình’s Ribbon

We are a non-profit organization that aims to brings peace to the world. We also run a foundation providing scholarships for Vietnamese children.

Who is the founder of this organization?

Hòa Bình’s Ribbon was founded by poet Do Jong-hwan and artist Lee Chul-soo. Our organization is sustained through our membership and generous sponsorship from artists in Korea.

What does the name ‘Hòa Bình’s Ribbon’ mean?

Hòa Bình comes from the Chinese word ‘和平’, which in English translates into ‘peace’ or ‘peaceful’. The word ribbon, meanwhile, symbolizes our care and attention to detail, as with a carefully wrapped gift. The name of our organization therefore stands for peace, thoughtfulness and our absolute dedication to helping children in Vietnam.

Why Vietnam? Why not any other country?

Korean involvement in the Vietnam War tragically led to the death of Vietnamese civilians in the 1970s, claiming 1,800 lives in Phú Yên Province alone. Hòa Bình’s Ribbon is implanted in Vietnam to honour the memory of these civilians and to make amends for Korea’s role in the Vietnam War.